Welcome to AVFA Firm LLC!

We live in a changing world where the news comes to us in seconds and after a few minutes, its old news. A changing business world, where it is today innovative and works, tomorrow does not work anymore.

AVFA Firm LLC was founded, in order to help brands, products, services, events, companies and personalities to have under the umbrella of a single firm, the strategic communications services and effective business resources to successfully capture the attention of the Latino public and inspire immediate action. Our commitment is to continually follow the road that needs to be taken in discovering opportunities and to never to lose sight of the objectives of our clients, who come first for us.

With an award-winning team of professionals, who collectively have over 47 years experience in the market, we are known for our great ideas, intelligent and resourceful initiatives, and people who give their all to obtain excellent results.

Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico; with offices in New York, NY and Miami, Florida; AVFA’s board of directors has specialized in the development and implementation of campaigns dedicated to the Latino market in the United States and Latin America, having won more than ten prestigious international awards and nominations, among which is a 2012 Emmy® nomination.